Coastal is more like App. State than the Citadel

…as a PROGRAM. Not making excuses for today. They were 1-7. But they have been a very successful FCS in recent years. Living in SC I can tell you they have a winning culture up there in Myrtle Beach (I just snicker hearing them say Coastal is in Conway. Conway is like Sherwood to the Little Rock Metro. Myrtle is the draw for Coastal). They know how to win and have good players. Much moreso than the Citadel. I have been surprised they have been so bad in the Sunbelt, honestly. That said, if we had lost it would have been a meltdown. And it would have been warranted.

I will say this…at least we didn’t LOSE to a Sunbelt team like LSU did earlier. Losing is worse than winning and looking terrible.

And…while I would much prefer to have seen us win by a comfortable margin, I actually think it might help our kids to have comeback these two weeks. You gotta learn to win. I am not blowouts help with that. Though I do repeat…I would have much preferred the blowout it should have been.

Coastal Carolina is a 1-8 bad team that kicked our butts for 3 1/2 quarters and likely would have won had they gone for it on 4th down in their next-to-last possession. There is no way to sugarcoat what nearly and probably should have happened.

Coastal Carolina is 1-7

Coastal has an interim head coach… real coach is out for medical reasons

Coastal had a backup qb much of the game

Coastal had 4 freshman linemen


:lol: :lol:

This is one of the worst teams in the Sun Belt that got car killed in Jonesboro with their starting QB playing.

They played four freshman on the OL and whipped the Arkansas DL.

They were 24 point dogs

Arkansas will be lucky to win 5 Games

People in the stands were wearing bags on their heads - they showed it on TV

There may have been 25,000 in the stands at the start of the 4th Q.

This program is in the basement in the West again with Ole Miss’s win at Kentucky.

To try and spin this as anything other than a complete embarrassment is worthy of The Baghdad Bob Lifetime Spin Award!!