Coastal Carolina game thread

Let’s hope for a nice 2.5-hour game.

That ain’t happening. SECN will make sure of that.

Great weather (feels great),any report on ticket sales?

What time does the game start???
It’s 4:30 EST

Great defense.


Can’t get the alternate channel, but I thought the game started at 4:00 EST?
Just curious why there wasn’t any posts regarding the

Nothing unexpected - we scored on our 1st possession and then they went straight down the field and scored on our “uncommon” defense.

Thanks for the reply!

And we punted

Was talking about the enthusiasm in Fayetteville today with my crew, the least around town that I’ve seen in a long time. Breakfast spot was pretty down, the crowd today is pretty dull as well.

Coastal had looked like the better team through the 1st quarter, that’s not good.
Had a clock chewing drive and a defensive stop on 3rd down, I think they are 3 for 3 on 3rd against us.

I suspect Arkansas will wake up soon and take over.

Not too pleased to see that Coastal Carolinas O-line, which
is poplulated with 4 Freshmen and 1 Sophmore, just pushed
our D-line right down the field.

Not encouraging.

I do too, atleast they better.

This is literally, one of the worst teams in the country. ( C.C )

Looks like our guys read the fish wrap, hope someone lights this bunch up soon ! WPS

I have never seen this sparse of a crowd for a game here, with great weather

So will Sosa have to sit out the first half next week?

I believe that’s only in the 2nd half

Yep, they just said it, only in 2nd half

The targeting call may have been correct. If so the hit on Kelley last week was targeting.

Oh well…