Coachspeak example as the dust settles

I understand what was meant in April but 9 months later things changed. Food for thought as we digest the news of the past 45 days and look to future.

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Odom got a HC job. No brainer to leave. He told me several times how much he loved being at Arkansas.

Briles also liked living and coaching at Arkansas but at some point you have to shutdown speculation of other jobs unless it’s a head coaching position.


No question and they serve at pleasure of head coach and AD with out long term contracts.

As a fan , I wish them best wishes for what they did here. Hard to get the opportunities to be head coach regardless of where it is.

I do think there is large segment of the fanbase of any school that places a value on loyalty and so I think it wise to be trusting of such news but also to verify it best one can in world today. Very easy to say no and move on to other interests.

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Briles did get the “Associate Head Coach” title at TCU I believe.

Yes he did.

He was set to get that title here as well, from what I read, but best of luck to him in Texas. I think at the end of the day, being close to family is what won out.

I believe Briles is sure the Big 12 will be easier. I believe Lincoln Riley bailed with the SEC move looming. I believe some of Bielema’s first staff bailed after seeing the SEC and you could say Pittman went to a place with top SEC talent.

Most of those Bielema assistants got good jobs in comparison.

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That’s exactly what I thought was the #1 motivation, the Big 12 would be a cakewalk compared to the SEC West. Plus the other factors.

It is until you face UGA in the championship an lose by nearly 60. It the history of the playoff, only one Big12 team has made it to the title game. That was this year and thy were absolutely destroyed. Good luck Kendall.

I’m sorry to see Barry go, and wish him well in Vegas. Kind of wish he had held out for something better, but if he sees opportunity there, I guess he should go for it. As for the other guy, all I can say, is welcome back Dan Enos!

Change may be good & perhaps an upgrade. Obviously Odom & Briles liked NWA, UofA, & CSP, but both stayed longer than expected & probably longer than most coordinators. It was time, especially Briles who flirted too many times with other lateral opportunities. Expected both coordinators to leave only for HC positions. Don’t see TCU as being much of an upgrade unless KB is heir to HC role but perhaps damaging to his career path if TCU is less successful in '23 & fails to have another Cinderella season.

With changes with coordinators & S&C staff, CSP purged some of the dissension that was evident within the program among players & coaches & made some needed upgrades - including efforts to boost recruiting & player retention. Perhaps we can now make some headway in recruiting other talent rich markets, including TX.