Coach's radio show is on

I got a call this evening asking if I was coming to the radio show. Of course I said yes and then texted my friend to see if he would join me. That was a silly question.

They will be having a buffet, but it will be served cafeteria style. I’m a little iffy about calling the Hogs, even though I’ve been leading the Hog Call for a few years now.

Call The Hogs Marty, Just with proper distancing and mask.

Yeah, if we can ensure that everyone calling the Hogs wears a mask I might be OK with it. But the thought of all that spray … (Hey, I’m getting close to being older than dirt, and some might say I’m already there.)

I hear ya,
You’re not the only one around here that may remember when dirt was born, lol.
Stay safe is the main objective.

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Marty…9-10 foot radius between everyone calling the Hogs…with a mask. That is the standard out of Colorado State’s new excellent study.

Maybe they’ll just play the Hog Call and have everyone raise their hands during it.

Is the radio show still on Wednesdays?

The first show is on September 9, so yes.

At first, I just laughed out loud at this. But then I thought, wait a minute, this could have some added benefit.

They could play a “proper” recording, and re-train folks how NOT to do that annoying wolf-yelp thingy at the beginning. :smiley:


Marty, I assume it’s still at the Catfish Hole? We’ll be in Fayetteville then and I hope to be there. We always make a stop at the Catfish Hole and this gives us a chance to see Sam too. Hope to see you there the 9th.

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Of course.

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