Coach's new contract offer

If that 50 million over 7 years is correct of say at this point doubling his salary that over the top!

I’m really curious which side leaked the offer: Sam’s side or UA. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an offer from the agent leaked like this in college sports. Maybe somebody on the UA side thinks leaking it will harden public opinion against Sam; we already have a few people on this board who are hellbent against giving Sam a big raise.

Even at $7 mill, Sam would only be the fifth highest paid coach in the SEC. Insane money, but that’s where the market is now.


It sounds like a Sexton tactic. The words that come to mind are this is my last job and I’m not leaving Arkansas.
While I like Coach Pittman that number don’t line up with his accomplishments.
Market value can get tossed in the trash can. 3rd year head coach not in my book.
We all got into the wrong line of work!

The hours are insane, there is no job security and it has taken Sam until age 60 to get to this level. While all of those things also apply to me (I’m a year older than Sam), my job description doesn’t include recruiting and motivating teenagers. Or having fans and media scrutinize my every move and utterance.

Let’s face it, the elite in every field get paid, and if you’re a winning head football coach in the SEC, you’re elite. I would not say I’m elite in my field.


This is likely a negotiating tactic. I don’t think Sexton really thinks they’ll pay $7 million, unless someone else on the coaching carousel is nibbling around Sam at that number. Ask for $7, get $5.5, something like that.

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I just don’t think a 3rd year head coach has earned that kind of money.
Coach Pittman’s age may be factoring into him wanting a big contract but what’s his true market value!
Is he elite? Only time will tell. Can he motivate players and coach that’s for darn sure. The hours on the road recruiting are rough but part of the job!
I’m just amazed this is out in the open and not long after Sexton was hired to be Pittman’s agent! It stinks.

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I think whoever leaked this is counting on opinions like this.

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That’s for sure.
You may be right about going for 7mill and get 5.5 mill.

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The market place has gone insane.

Mel Tucker is close to a .500 coach and just got a ten year $95mm deal.

Brent Venables has never been a HC and is making over $7mm a year at OU

Lane Kiffin now making $7.5mm a year.

Frankly it’s all absurd and has completely changed my thoughts on paying the players. If I’m a player seeing these coaching contracts and the media rights contracts the conferences are signing I’m by God going to get my place at the trough.

“We Can’t afford to pay the players” complete and utter BS



What’s the answer? The greed has taken over.

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Greed took over a long time ago, but you can’t just point fingers at the coaches. The schools and conferences sold their souls to media companies resulting in the financial windfall that’s produced coaching salaries skyrocketing and athletic departments becoming bloated, bureaucratic behemoths.

There is something badly out of whack when Arkansas OC Gus Malzahn was making $150,000 a year in 2006 and 15 years later Kendall Briles is making $1,000,000 a year and it’s commonly believed he’s due at least a $500,000 raise.

What other professions have you seen that type of salary escalation over the same period of time ?


Is it greedy to ask for a raise?

The Supreme Court has pretty much signaled that the next time it gets a chance to decide a case related to athlete compensation, the NCAA is not going to win. And once the new NCAA constitution is approved, the schools, including UA, are going to have to deal with that reality.

It’s a game and Sexton is the Master of this game

Arkansas will come back with 4.75 per year and they will come to agreement at approx 5.5 million. The Best coaches in the Nation use Sexton. There’s is a reason for that.

Pittman leads this team to the top 10 next year he will get another raise to 7.5 or 8 million.

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Props to Pittman he deserves a raise but I agree 100%. It is absolutely crazy what the coaches around the country are being paid!! I have a little experience in union negotiations. Hopefully we have a good negotiation team on the schools side and both sides truly “negotiate in good faith”.

This is the SEC. Don’t want to pay your people the market, then vote to leave. Rule #1 it is always about the money. More money is coming with next TV contract. Two conferences control that now --SEC and Big 10. SDS had articiple on this very subject this week, you pay to keep them and you pay when you fire them. So make sure you get who you want. SP fills he boxes–look at his performance in two years from where it was with most difficult environment (Pandemic) and schedule. PS the Assistants are getting a raise and more security too. Best chance UA has to be competitive in all sports since we have joined the league and the school’s enrollment is attracting new students and PR.

Quote a certain member of this board—“Lose the Fear”. We are in better shape to be successful now than we were three years ago.

Georgia Hawgs, I agree with you but do not know why it linked to your quote.


I have no problem with this adjustment. Coaches (and their success) are a big part of the increased TV packages of the SEC. $7 mil. appears to be the new benchmark. I don’t doubt that CSP will be able to attract good assistants and he wants to be able to be competitive in what he can offer them so he gets them to the Hill.

While I think the whole system is completely out of whack and nuts, at the same time I don’t think $50mm guaranteed over 7 years is an unreasonable ask in a world where Mel Freaking Tucker received a 10 year $95mm deal.


When Michigan State fires him in 2 to 3 years we will
See how happy they are paying that buyout! Just add it to the cause!