Coaching Talent

This Board must have the most amazing collection of coaching talent that is present anywhere in the country! Nearly every post has great ideas about how to win in the SEC without an Oline and a too slow defense. I did not know there were that many great coaches in the country, much less on one little message board.

There also seems to be some pretty good ADs as well, but that knowledge base seems to be limited to fire the coach (and they can do so without any concern at all about the money) or keep the coach. Amazing!!

What’s your solution? You’ve talked about poor OLine play and a slow defense which is readily apparent to all of us geniuses on here.

So do you think Morris is the man to solve these problems? If so why do you think that and if not why not and what would you do about it?

Since you’re not impressed with the coaching and AD experts in here I’d like to hear your solutions beyond better line play and more speed. Hell, Ray Charles could see that… it’s how do you make those things a reality?

Coaching success has much more to do with personality than skills. The big time coaches all have the ability to get their players excited and able to execute.

Anyone basically can put X’s and O’s on a clipboard.

I am not a coach or AD and do not claim to know the answers. That is why I look to all the coaches and ADs here.

As to what you do to win in the SEC with a very, very poor Oline and a slow defense, well that may take more than even the great coaching we see here. I doubt Sabin has an answer for that one.

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Well said Jim.

The Oline has played fairly well the last two games overall. Not the offensive problem last two weeks. Not saying their great, and they will look worse against Auburn and Bama (as does everyone) but they weren’t the biggest problem last two weeks.

Defensive speed…that’s another story

Even with its personnel issues on the offensive line and defense, Arkansas had fourth quarter leads the past two games and couldn’t close the deal. In some games I think Arkansas is outclassed from a talent standpoint - I think you’ll see that be the case the next two weeks - but in the past two I think the issues have been less about talent and more about execution when the game is on the line.

Look at Missouri. Recruiting classes at the bottom of the SEC. I know they have Kelly Bryant, but they also have taken 2 and 3 stars and developed them into 4 stars. The head coach is a “pied piper” and players love him.
Morris is an x and o guy that does not impress with his leadership skills. I say he can coach If he has great talent but not with less. Malzahn is the same way. Both won in high school due to superior talent. Jimmy’s and Joe’s. You either have to recruit them or be able to recognize lower ranked recruits who can be developed. At Arkansas, where it is difficult to get the 4 and 5 stars, you better have coaches who can develop.

I think it’s some of both (leader / X’s and O’s) but no matter what you have to have talent and recruiting is the only way to do that. Occasionally you might be able to coach up a bunch of 2 and 3 stars but not year after year. Not in this conference.

I don’t think everybody’s favorite Bobby P. was a pied piper… word is most of the players hated him … but they won. Talent, Scheme, Execution.

Jackson how I think you address these deficiencies is time and recruiting. I think that last drive at Kentucky summed up best. Hicks was sacked twice due to youth (wrong read on a block) and lack of talent (DE swim move on Capps). On both plays the middle receiver was coming open Hicks couldn’t get the throw out in time. Play called correct, just got growing pains. Next year’s line adds Gatlin and Luke Jones. I think you will see a better result along with receivers with more knowledge.

As to the Defense, I don’t see the coaches not playing Bush to redshirt. I think he couldn’t beat out Brown or McCellion and decided he wanted immediate playing time. We will see if he transfers to LSU or to Tulane. May tell story there.

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You explained last two loses - can you explain SJSU and CSU last year?

7 reasons in only 3 letters. INT

You don’t have to be a coaching guru or an amazing AD to recognize that it’s a bad thing for your coach to own the worst record in your school’s recorded history. That same coach said the previous coach underachieved with a 4-8 record based on the talent he had. Your coach now also owns probably the 2nd worst defeat in the school’s recorded history in his 2nd year. No real improvement jumps out in his 2nd year (so far).

If he completely turns this season around and wins 3 of these next 6 games, then by all means, bring him back. He would then have provided hope for continued improvement in his 3rd year and possibly get us back into the bowl picture. If he wins 1 or 0 games of these next 6, then he needs to be replaced, so we don’t sink even further into oblivion.

Experience and talent do matter. So does coaching. It all works together.

What matters the most is talent and experience at QB, but the area that dilutes that is offensive line play. Starkel was awful. Hicks was pretty good. I thought he was about to win the game except for lack of blocking on the last four plays for the offense. The two glaring mistakes by Stromberg and Capps were the telling plays that kept Hicks from executing the comeback. Those are the areas that I detailed that would be critical going into the game. Capps just has very little experience at offensive guard. Stromberg has almost none.

I don’t see difference makers with speed. It’s exactly as Matt Jones (the ex quarterback) described last week. Who scares you on this team? He said the only one on either side of the ball was Rakeem Boyd. There are some young wide receivers who are developing into good players, but I don’t see raw speed with any of them.

They must continue to develop the offensive line. I am impressed with the youngsters on the second team like Latham and Limmer. Cunningham will develop into a good player, too. That was his first full game at left tackle.

The defense is getting exposed on the flanks and that’s where youth is playing at end. You are subbing freshmen for another freshman there. Those are going to be good players.

And, if anyone questions whether Steve Caldwell can coach, they lack judgment and understanding of his ability to train defensive ends.

Coaching matters. No one ever said it doesn’t. But having good depth in the lines is more important.

I’m like Jim, that I don’t understand all of what I read here. I guess it’s frustration over the course of many years of down football. And, some who I see who are quick to fire coaches have been that way for years. I don’t question anyone’s right to have an opinion. I just might not share it.

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SJSU was a young team that thought more of itself than it should. They thought they could show up and win. That is the 18 and 19 year olds playing the game. That happened regardless of how the coaching prepped them. Throw in the 5 picks and at least 2 times the 4th down calls to go for it instead of FG’s proved the difference.

Read Clay’s post below. If you cannot see that we do not have playmakers yet then you are simply not wanting to see anything. Yes we are better than we were but have a ways to go. There were plays last saturday night both QB’s tried to force the ball to O’Grady, Knox or Burks when there was very little to no separation. That is some of a lack of speed and also a failure of the QB to look for the open man (Woods or Morris on several plays)

These issues would still be there if Norvell was the coach. He is not. If you view this rational you will see gradual improvements in the talent. Now youngsters have to learn from playing and making mistakes. Also, when young players play, older ones sit on the sidelines and complain. Still got to battle through that.

Been looking for that from Clay (and he does not even claim to be a coach - just a minger). Did not expect it on what was meant to be a toung in cheek post poking fun at all of us, but it is welcomed.

If you want to see coaching from a fan base that is really dynamic, go to the free boards at Bama after they only beat someone by five touchdowns… then ask them why they lost the NC to Clemson.

You guys feel free to make excuses for losing as a 21 point favorite to San Jose State.

I won’t because there is no good excuse.

As for Clay’s comments on talent, I don’t necessarily disagree but he lost me with the barb about posters that are quick to fire the coach. Well, If we’d been quicker in firing Bielema he would not have had the opportunity to systematically destroy the roster and we’d not be in the sorry talent position we are in today.

Thanks Jim and Clay for bringing some reality to all this. Hindsight is sure 20/20 isn’t it? WPS…

When would you have fired Bielema? Right after the erotic beatdown of texass? After the Liberty Bowl win? Would you have left him at the airport in Columbia in 2016?