Coaching Situation

Many are already calling for another coaches head. That may or may not be needed. I don’t know (but yesterday was very bad). Reality is that it is not going to happen. We just paid Brett 11 or whatever million to not coach. We cannot afford to do that again at least for some time.

Coach Morris is going to be our coach. We had better support him and his efforts. This is what we have.

There are a lot of talent problems, but by far the biggest is the total lack of Oline talent. I don’t care what you run, you cannot so it without some type of Oline play. They could not even protect against a 3 man rush.

Oline talent is absolutely very sub par.

And by the looks it’s not getting any better with recruiting, that’s the problem. Chads doing well in recruiting, everywhere but OL. I see 1 guy who has a chance to be good, and then the rest are more of the same of what we already have.

I’ve heard that from some as well and is just crazy IMO. We have had 5 head coaches in 11 years. We need some stability at least for a little while. And as I ask them that are already calling for him to be fired…What quality of coach can you get to come knowing they just fired his predecessor after 1 year.

I totally agree with the original poster.

However, I have a questions. Is our talent level that bad, or are some players not buying into the new staff and not performing to their capabilities?


It’s that bad.

We have 1 safety that’s ok, still young, and one that’s absolutely awful and shouldn’t be anywhere near an SEC field.

Pulley is a solid corner, but he can’t do it all by himself. No corner on the other side.

Our nickel is not good enough, he’s got good speed but the fact that a guy can walk in years removed from football and start is puzzling, and shows you the talent issue.

Linebackers are ok but scoota hasn’t played near as well as he needs to this far. Bumper is going to be good, and we need dre back.

DL is bad. Agim is the only decent one. Watts is playing better, just still not SEC level talent. Randy Ramsey is entirely too small to be near a dL in the SEC, he got manhandled by NTs tackle and will likely get thrown off the field by Bamas.

Qb, is an absolute joke. I’m not even going there. We better hope Noland figures it out soon.

WRs are slow outside of Jordan Jones, and lack size. Pettway has been the best option thus far because he’s got the best combo of size and speed. Just not enough horses in the stable for this type of offense. I think warren could be a nice slot wr in time.

Rb- the only position we have adequate SEC talent at.

OL- there’s only 1 OL on this team that would have a chance to start for any other SEC team, that’s Froholdt and that’s also your problem. The rest wouldn’t even start at most FBS schools, very, very under talented. Gatlin could be good though I like him.

TE- have some talent but doesn’t matter if you can’t use them and if your best TE can’t act right.

No fluff or BS just a brutally honest assessment of the talent on the roster. Only a couple of disagreements.

Guidry is starting to flash a bit.

Woods will be a player at WR

Can’t think of anything else we disagree on.

I think Capps and Adcock have potential. Need to sit B Wallace.

I’d move hammonds back to slot

I agree on Guidry and woods, not sure why I didn’t include them, just slipped my mind.

Adcock still needs to get bigger, I thought he was the deep snapper as they came out of the locker room getting ready to run through the “A”. One advantage of Touchdown Club seats, you get a true look on the size of some of the players.

Good post, Fire CCM now and we my as well look for a new coach in the high school ranks. Our o-line recruiting has been and continues to be a issue we need a name brand O-line coach to garner interest from good recruits and that’s not going to happen right now. I feel for CCM and his staff they haven’t set up all their nick nacks in their offices yet and some fans are calling for their heads third game into the season and yet to play a Sec game. This situation is going to get worse before it gets better the way I see things right now, CCM is still in the discovery stage of finding out who is going to start and play together effectively. As they use to say CCM has a tough row to hoe ! WPS

I would only renew one scholarship for next year… Pool. The rest could walk on and try to win back their scholarship. I’d start all over with a new class for next year. All freshmen and transfers welcomed! Drop all the QB’s, Storey had a beginning, a middle and now an END. ‭And the other two might, might be OK if they played for division 2 Henderson state.

You dont know. We all thought Bielema had it right with the linemen being recruited and we can now see he missed on the majority. You won’t know until they get on the field.

You won’t know, I agree.

But I like to see what other schools think our OL has what it takes, and if you take a look it’s pretty discouraging.

The one from Tyler, Tx looks like he could be a solid player, and has some big time school interest. I do like him.

The others, I’m waiting to see what offers they may get over the next few months. But I’m not a believer that every kid that commits is a diamond in the rough, that’s what got us here.