Coaching searches drive fans crazy ...

And it’s apparent on this site, on talk radio and around the water cooler. Just today I’ve read posts that say:

Looks like it’s Sampson.
Looks like we missed on Sampson.
If we miss on Sampson, there’s no plan B.
It was never Sampson to begin with.
This was all worked out in December.
It’s obvious there is no plan at all.
Beard’s in play.
Beard’s not in play.
Marshall’s great.
Marshall sucks.
Yurachek knows what he’s doing.
Yurachek is clueless and should be fired.

Come on fellas. It’s been three days.

Here’s the only thing we know for sure: Coaching searches are chaotic. Everyone wants information. There’s either too much circulating (as with the days of Frank Broyles, when he curried favor with boosters by confiding in what he wanted them to know) or not enough (As with Yurachek who hasn’t been in Arkansas long enough to cultivate a huge number of close confidants willing to leak, and, to some extent, Long, who played things very close to the vest and had a few favorites in the national media on speed dial).

The bottom line is no one “knows” anything except Yurachek and he’s not talking. The rest is pure speculation. Have fun, but don’t take it too seriously until the pros like Clay, Matt, Scottie, Dudley, Bob, Tom, etc. start throwing out names.

Maybe it just drives fans CRAZIER…

:o :shock: :wink:

:mrgreen: :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: know what you mean

NO problem here.

They don’t drive me crazy!!

[size=150]I HATE THEM[/size]