Coaching Search Thread

Okay… now it’s time to get this started. Let me hear what you think are our top 3 REALISTIC candidates.



Of those 3 Norvell.
Not interested in Clark or leach personally

Head coach at Bryant high school…don’t know his name but he will work!

Norvell—and hope the rumors about personal issues aren’t true or if they are, he’s straightened up.

I’m not sure he’d come, though.

Not sure how realistic Norvell will be because other SEC schools will be after him. He is the best option.

How about moorehead. MS st wants to get rid of him. Maybe we can make a trade after the game and and give them a few $M to boot.

Seriously. LEACH

Jackson not sure norvell will be choice. If a change is made Bill Clark won’t be leaving uab. He has a pretty good contract after the debacle that occurred there. He will stay there.

Dave Clawson runs this offense. Seth littrell over at north texas of god forbid you will see real interest in skip holtz.

Not sure a change is made BUT if one is made whomever will get at least 5 years regardless of how bad the football or coaching is.

After leaving Hicks in there for five possessions, I can say I am officially ok with letting Morris go. That being said, I think giving him another year is the best thing for this program. Lets milk the Texas recruiting for another cycle. However, if the board wants to let him go, I’d probably be fine with it.

As for coaching search, no one of quality or pedigree will really want to come here. Maybe the best option would be Lunney.

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Urban Meyer
Mike Leach
Lane Kiffin
Willie Fritz

Not saying that Pruitt will be a keeper at UT, but I think a coach that
has a defensive, physical approach is needed to bring back some toughness. I don’t like being pushed around like rag dolls.


Absolutely anyone will be an improvement.

If Venables finally decides he wants to take on a head coaching gig, I say throw the bank at him. Dude knows what football is all about.

We need to decide if we want a coach or a preacher. Coaches like Briles, Leach, Petrino, and Norvel may have character flaws, but they know how to win. None of the fore mentioned coaches have done things that are not unforgiveable. Tired of watching this catastrophe. Tired of hearing this is the new normal. TIRED OF BEING TOLD NOBODY WILL COME HERE. Morris needs to go and a competent coach brought in.

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What exactly has Norvell won? O yea, nothing.

More than Morris.

Two AAC division titles

Few coaches have won less than Morris

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Forgot about Venables…pay the man.

An average coach could take the talent we have and win 4 or 5 games.