Coaching scared

WE had 4th and 7 and were punting. Get off a 38yd punt when Auburn tried a block. Flag was thrown for Auburn offsides and we decline!!

What the hell? Afraid to punt again? If you take the penalty and they jump again its a first down. Afraid to try another punt?

I am almost done with this staff.

Now that disaster fake punt!!! The stench of desperation is in the air!!

Very scared

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Votan, totally agree. I can understand if you had a good punt to decline, but 38 yarder, you have to go again.

I’m sorry, we aren’t watching the same game if you think he is coaching scared.

You can’t object to the calls being made but we aren’t getting whooped yet, so going for it on 4th and long with 5 minutes to play wasn’t the smartest idea. And you know what, our defense got a stop and gave us a chance to put points on the board.

We will have to disagree General, the play I described he absolutely was coaching scared. You know it as well as I do. Why else decline the penalty? It wasn’t a great punt he was taking. It was average at best. HE could have had a 1st down if Auburn jumped again, but afraid to take the chance. The other stuff I see doesn’t so much say scared as it does desperate, but in that instance of 4th and 7… scared.

Silly decision by CCM. About like letting the clock run out at the Half in the UK game.