Coaching rumors....

Is there anything out there regarding filling out the rest of the staff? 95% sure Thurman and Ruta is a done deal. However, those guys are fairly junior and I’m assuming he is looking for some heavy hitters with the other 2 spots.

All conjecture, assumptions and wild rumors welcome.

I believe there are only three assistant “Coaching” positions available, so if the two of them are hired (Ruta and Thurman) that only leaves one more spot besides the veritable “Basketball Operations” position that Matt Zimmerman previously held. CEM may bring on someone that used to be a head coach in that last position as you see coaches do that now all over.

I assumed that Ruta was going to be the DBO here. IDK???

He’s kept it close to the vest, but may get an idea this weekend since coaches can watch AAU events this weekend

Don’t forget, at Nevada, Musselman also created a position that was called something along the lines of Special Assistant to the Head Coach, that Rex Walters filled. He might decide to create a position like that here as well.

I can only hope.


You are right…Ruta may get the “DoBO” title. I was thinking he may get a promotion to the bench if he came here.

It appears that Scotty and Ruta may be two of the three on-floor assistants. Will there be a special assistant, will there be a DoBO? Neither one can coach on the floor or recruit.

Told that was a non-pay position. Walters was getting paid by the Pistons.