coaching move?

losing inside defensive coach to south carolina?

This has been expected for several days now. He has ties to that area.

As noted in another thread, it will allow the Chief to select his own man (Scott was a holdover from Bret’s staff).

Chief and Caldwell probably have something up their sleeve on this one. Hate to lose Scott but I bet they have someone solid in mind.

I’m hoping Troy Reffett (North Texas DC) gets some serious consideration.

Chief made Scott his because Scott had officially been let go and was hired back.

Any chance we could just trade Scott for Lance Thompson, that would be a hire for the ages but could be a bit over our comfort zone on D. Last salary was 550k which is way below what his equal in recruiting Tosh makes at Bama. Thompson is a bit like a Johnny Cash song having been everywhere, but never anywhere needed as much as would be for us. … h=football

I am not aware that he has gotten the DC gig at Okie State yet or any other DC gig yet. I d wait the Chief out with him as the designated successor is possible. … es-staffs/

What do you have to pay to fill this position with a top level coach and is Arkansas willing to pay that price?

Coach Scott seemed to me to be a class guy. However, his inside guys got there butts kicked in 12 games, best of everything to CS.