Coaching Is the Key vs A&M

More than any game in recent memory I believe victory in Saturday’s meeting with A&M comes down to our coaches.
I say this because A&M’s strengths, DEs and WRs, match perfectly with Arkansas’ most questionable areas, OL and DBs.
How the coach’s find to support those two potential mis-matches I believe will decide the game.
This is the game that CBB and his coaches earn their pay.

In the past, we have lacked creative play calling in this game. I believe Dan Enos is better prepared this year than last and he’s proven that through the last 10 games dating back to last year.

Robb Smith has a talented defense again (see 2014) - I love the way they are getting guys rotated and keeping them fresh (except the linebackers; hopefully they’ll will get a breather this week). Rhoads has the secondary playing with some confidence.

CBB has been taking chances this year and I like it!

IF coaching is the key, I like our chances this year…

Preparation is a big deal in this game, but Arkansas also must be able to respond when the Aggies make adjustments. That is where the coaching comes in as well - my guess is the team that succeeds in being most proactive vs. reactive will win.

Arkansas has many assets that have been underutilized, season to date. I want to see some of the speed guys get chances to make one-on-one plays. We have an accurate passer and tons of formations, great route trees. Time to bring everything we got.

Austin Cantrell also needs to be more of an option. Defenses have largely ignored him, leaving him wide open at times. The guy has ability. So far this season, Arkansas isn’t getting as much out of its tight ends as it did last season. Fewer catches, fewer yards per catch. You know that Texas A&M has issues simulating tight end play with its scout team.

I like Arkansas’s pass efficiency defense this season, but how often do you see players standing in no-man’s land, nobody to cover and not close to the football? Seems like we could get away with having at least one more player involved in attack mode. Sometimes having seven in coverage is necessary, but not often.

I’ve NEVER known coaching to be unimportant. Must have players. But you must have coaching, too. I am pleased with this Arkansas staff. The team definitely “looks coached” from my perspective.

I really think that’s our only advantage in this game…hope it’s enough. The staff has been scheming for this game for a long time.

Coaching and good coaches are always a main key, especially in todays sophisticated game.

We will see more of the Enos offense that has not yet been exposed. Sumlin has said before how AR will formation you to death disguising plays and such, but he hasn’t seen anything yet really like he will Saturday. How well will aTm adjust?

Now that goes the other way as well, our defense is critical as aTm will show some unseen wrinkles on offense I’m sure. How well do we adjust?

So its all about who adjusts quickly and correctly and who has the best plan to counter the adjustments.

I trust our staff to be fully prepared and have the players prepared as well.

This is a game where adjustments have to be made immediately. We can’t wait until the 2nd Half to make half-time adjustments.

They will throw stuff at us that we have not seen before. A&M will make a adjustments on the fly. How well we adjust will be critical for a win.

Enos is very special and a big reason for what we have done in the last year. It’s the defensive side that worries me. That said, we win…