Coaching is overrated...

If you saw most of the games today it was players making plays not coaching… Recruiting the the staple not so much X’s and O’s if you can recruit it will cover a multitude of flaws in coaching

Depends on how you define ‘coaching’. If you define it simply as X’s and O’s, then talent can and often does trump that. But if you take a broader definition of coaching like most people do, that includes recruiting and the overall running of a program (in addition to just X’s and O’s), then it’s not overrated at all.

What most anti-Mike Anderson posters harp about is the X’s and O’s that’s why I made the statement because if we paid players like a lot of others we know no doubt we would be farther along by now but it is written “the little that a righteous man have is better than the riches of the wicked”

Coaching is important part of the game, but some make it a lot more than it is.

You can’t tell me Mike Anderson or Chris Beard or Rick Barnes for example, cannot win as much as Coach K with the same players Coach K has had. Those three are as good coaches as Coach K.

You lost all cred. when you mentioned CMA in the same area as coach K in ability.

But you were okay with Chris Beard and Rick Barnes. Hmmmn.

I believe what I said. I base that on how Duke performs when the players are not as good.

Most important aspects in college coaching (any sport) - recruiting and motivating.

And that’s the point I’m trying to make I totally agree

Recruiting 88-90%, Motivating 5%, X’s and O’s 6-5%… in that order because real ballers don’t need much motivation to play this game in most cases their motivation is what got them to this point

It doesn’t take much motivation to play the games. That’s fun.

I’m talking running, lifting, off season, going to class, doing it the Burlsway (so to speak).

Reply: that’s on you, in which doesn’t account for much, Duke’s K benefits from the talent pool as much as any of the other coaches in these legacy basketball institutions of higher learning, why do think Nolan was selected twice HOF because what he accomplished at Arkansas would never be duplicated again, I bet K will never take a job at Arkansas, its perception and in this fickle society perception is reality

Ballers Ball.

Not over rated at all. Coaching is management, it’s not keeping your thumb on every possession. A good coach chooses the right system, based on the present rules, recruits the right players that compliment that system. I also believe that a good coach knows when to step in and when to allow freedom. Over all, “Feel” might be the most important quality of a good coach. The most impressive coach in college might be John Beilien.

Coach K would be lost with our current roster. He’s better than Mike in a lot of areas but his players don’t overachieve. Ex: Mikes system beat coach K in 94 with less talent.

That wasn’t MA’s system that beat Duke in 94 it was Nolan’s system, Mike doesn’t have a system.

I agree coach K would be lost with our current roster

I rode along in full agreement with you on a lot of topics but I need to get out of the buggy and walk in this one. MA was raised playing, assisting and coaching a system that has been mostly stripped of the components that made it lethal in the 90’s by changing the hand check rules and TV timeouts. Which I believe without CMA making more changes to his system it will leave him known as a good coach but not considered a great coach like coach K.Just my opinion which basically means little to nothing. WPS

I would like to see us focus on strong defense without all the traps, watching the tourney and seeing other teams defend in the half court has made me like the zone as a good backup for our running and gunning. Would also like Mike to work on zone offense, the back door lob alley oop was used extensively against some of the good zone teams in the past few games and there is zero reason we couldn’t get that with Daniel instead of throwing up threes.

I used Mike Anderson as an example. I mean any coach that has made his name in basketball like mike has, with any system can take 5 to 6 McAAs each year and win big.

If there is an example of a coach failing with that type of talent, I can’t remember it. And until Duke talent until lately we’re not all freshmen

I think you have too much respect for Coach K and too little for Mike.

That is exactly what Mike wants opposing coaches to believe. That he has no system with bunch of low Basketball IQ players and it was total chaos.

Can you describe Nolan’s system? If you do, tell me what do you see different with Mike. There is one big difference.

BTW, Nolan detractors used to say Nolan did not have a system. He just rolled the ball out and let them play street ball.