Coaching Introductions

Did I miss something (that is possible)? Or, have the two new coaches not been formally introduced by Coach Pittman?

Is this the “dotting i’s and crossing t’s” portion of hiring someone, or are there some logistical things going on behind the scenes?

I am looking forward to hearing Sam’s words and then the two new coaches give their “first take” on being a Hog.

Sam put out a tweet.

But I assume you meant a press conference. The media should be doing coaching interviews sooner or later.

I doubt you’ll see introductory press conferences with the new assistant coaches.

Yeah, eventually we will get them answering a question or two. Thanks Mr Smith.

Let’s hope that the most important questions they will be answering, how the players they are coaching perform, will be there for us to see without anyone having to ask and will be to our great satisfaction!

We may get to meet them during spring practice. Maybe

Clay, you and Matt share a pessimistic tone. That is too bad. If these coaches are as charismatic as we hope then letting the media discover it means EVERYONE will discover it.

Pittman typically does not make his assistant coaches available to the media too often.

Are you guys able to talk to the coaches “off the record”?

Dowell spent 45 minutes with the media during August practices, as did every other assistant coach. That has been consistent. I know because I was there for some of them, for sure the Loggains interview. He came into the room as the tight ends were talking and the next thing I knew I was getting a shoulder massage. Turned around and it was Dowell, a long-time friend.

Sam let us visit with all assistant coaches the previous August, too.

I guess it was the first spring that Pittman had the meet and greet with the staff and media? That was nice. I guess I will have to wait for the new coaches to be the designated interviewee.

Alas, that may be true.

Yes, that was just before covid shut everything down.

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