Coaching Honeymoon

The “New Football Coach Honeymoon” is a phenomenon that never ceases to amaze me. The spring & summer booster club meetings and countless media interviews convince fanatical fans that Coach will be their program’s savior. Then “finally” the season arrives and fiery words & slogans no longer suffice. As a UA Grad, I’m hopeful the programs turns the corner sooner rather than later but I long ago stopped listening to catchy phrases l8ke “Uncommon Man” or “Full tilt Boogie,” because in the end it comes down to “The Jimmies & the Joes.”

I don’t think anyone claimed he was our savior, but most also recognize that this season would be rough trying to implement a system that most of these players weren’t recruited to play. I don’t see it as a honeymoon as much as a understanding that it takes time to change a culture and most are willing to wait.

Most may be willing to wait, but they will do it at home. From what I’ve seen from the rest of the SEC we will probably be 1-6 going into the Tulsa game, that and playing in a half full stadium is not going to help recruiting and it will take two to three years of good recruiting to get us out of the hole that BB and company dug.

I’ll attend a few games. If fans are worried so much about recruiting/recruiting getting us out of our funk, then they should go no matter the record.

I agree - 1-6 or 2-5 start likely so we are about to find out how much these recruits really believe in the vision Morris and staff have articulated. The negative recruiting will be intense and, unfortunately, will paint a very ugly picture.

Chad and staff are in for a very hard two months up until signing day.

I wasn’t speaking specifically about Chad Morris, I was speaking about football coaching hires in general. Every fan base does it. It’s definitely not unique to us.