Coaching honeymoon only last 2 games....

This was shocking losing another double digit lead against a team in CSU which is awful :shock: :frowning: We have a pretty good NTSU team coming to Fayetteville, need to regroup and agree with other posters, start getting some of the other QBs some reps.

Nah, everybody new this season was going to be rough. I understand the anger, but not the calling for the coaches head.

no NTS is a very good team!! light yrs better than CSU.

This may be a brief marriage !!!

lost me after EIU, coaching only had me totally worried about how our guys responded to coaching strategy. None of what he preached all summer ever hit home with me and now he has to pick his ass up and find some coaching help. Would love to know what happened with all the missing and non-injured tonight. I cannot trust CCM when he opens his mouth, well trained media savvy man.