Coaching Got us Beat Tonight

Not the players.

  1. We averaged 6yards a carry against a known poor rush defense so why throw the ball when the game is on the line? Our offensive play calling got too cute.
  2. The punt at the 50 yard line or whatever it was. That screamed we don’t trust our oline, even though had done well all night for the most part with the run.
  3. CSU’s #11 should have been schemed out of this game after the first half! Put Pulley on him ALL night with some safety help.
  4. We have a talent gap to close against the SEC but did not have a talent gap tonight in my opinion. We controlled the LOS on offense yet got away from it during critical times. I know we don’t have the players to run this offense yet, so go with what works now.
  5. Coach Morris, you are in the SEC now at an SEC school that expects better of its coaches than what we produced tonight. This isn’t SMU.
  6. Better go recruit another kicker. CSU has one that was a true weapon tonight.

yeap… Coaching was horrible this game

So far this is looking a lot like a Gus Malzahn offense and playcalling, i was convinced that it wouldn’t be, but it sure looks like it. Everyone is talking about the running game and i get it but what about some passing on 1st down and not backwards passes, we have not had a successful screen pass yet. Where is the intermediate passing game, how about a slant or two off an RPO?

I think the game decisions and the play calling in crucial situations in the fourth quarter were pretty poor. CSU and their fans were sitting around waiting to get beat and were really ready to lay down late in the third quarter, and we let a really bad team beat us.

Chad has to take charge of the main decisions. On the 4th down he was not resolute enough to do as he has been saying and hammer it down their throats.

This is not and was not going to be a good season. He has an OC who is bright, but not comfortable enough with this set of players to call anything well at all. Chad is going to have to be more of the play caller himself for a bit.

I’m chalking this game up to a bad mix of talent and system growth now causing way too much cautiousness.

What this really reaks of is no matter what is said - they simply do not trust either QB or their OL. Even with some running success - you could see they still didn’t believe in their ability to continue that.

I was intending to write a topic, but you basically read my mind. I too thought it was very poor coaching for the exact reasons you have expressed here. Timid play calling, poor defensive adjustments and just the lack of a killer instinct. That is something we have learned to expect, but it hurts every time. The 4th and inches call was the most disappointing of all.
And wouldn’t you have expected that the defensive game plan would have included taking Williams out of it from the start? Yet there he was running wild with Pulley no where near him.
One thing that is not really on the coaching was the poor tackling of Harris early on, Ramirez the entire game and Calloway. I thought Ramirez had taken the next step, but for two games he has looked lost and has reverted to his hit and not tackle ways that hurt this team so much the last two seasons. He needs to be held accountable for a his sake in particular. He has zero NFL future playing as he is.

That’s what I want. 3 seconds to go into halftime, TD pass to CH.
4th and inches "NO question on what to do!
PLOW over through and around anything in your way.
Killer instinct, as Fast as you can go.
Best DC in the Nation, MMmm.

Mercy that Killer instinct is sadly still in that darn ditch.

I agree wholeheartedly with the writers here. We owned these guys on the ground, they had no answers for our ground game. Time after time their defenders were being helped off the field, we had the hammer down and we were doing the Razorback boogie. Then someone got too cute. 4th down and inches; my wife who knows nothing about football looked at me and says go for it, right? I probably said something kinda of ugly, but the gist of it was, yes this is a game defining moment, you have to go for it! Well we blinked, we kicked, and the rest is history. Complete lack of trust by our staff. Then to add insult to injury, as time is running down, we have four plays, there can be no more punts, but twice on third down we abandoned the only thing working! We ran the only back in motion, we emptied the backfield, and tried to throw. That hadn’t worked all night, but there we were praying for a completion. Just so disappointing. A winnable game, stick with what works coach! If the pass isn’t working, don’t try it when the game is on the line. PLEASE! In your press conference you say we just couldn’t finish! WE COULDN’T FINISH BECAUSE THE PLAY CALLING WAS STUPID!

Totally agree coaching beat us tonight. It allowed big Mo to switch CSU from us. Play calling was absolutely miserable, and we better find a QB. I’m still looking for these great blitzes everyone is talking about. Their QB had way to much time and their OL was supposed to be worse than ours.
Really disappointed.