Coaching Evaluations

The only reason TJ played tonight is because Chase got hurt.

So are they saying he is the 4th best RB on the team?

While I think he should have got more touches today, I don’t quite understand why some of you can’t wrap your head around the fact that a kid can’t play if he is injured.

Three different injuries

I get that part. And I get that his injuries might have kept him buried on the RB depth chart. But what I don’t get is how the coaches thought he was a better receiver (when healthy) than a RB (when healthy). And at this point, I simply don’t trust this coaching staff to make good decisions. There’s a whole 5 year history of examples where they haven’t starting with the offensive line.

But in his case, can’t practice, can’t play

That goes for all the players. But I don’t see anyone saying AA should now move to receiver. :slight_smile: I get what you’re saying. Just having some fun. I’m very very glad he was healthy today!

Dude is tiny. He’s listed 190ish so more likely 180. And injury prone. No way he survives a year as the feature back and he can’t pass protect because guys will just run him over. I thought he’d be great at receiver and have been surprised he couldn’t get the hang of it. I thought he’d be Drew Morgan but faster and better.

If he suddenly becomes durable then he’s a stud because he’s got a gear the others don’t have.