Coaching community collects alarming data in area that opted for no fall

That data is from one state only. The potential totality of unintended consequences is alarming.

I tried to wade through that story. Difficult. There was one sentence that had double negatives. I couldn’t tell what the writer meant. If you are testing the same players over and over – which you must do to make sure they are safe – the test results are going to be overwhelming negative. I am not surprised by that high number in the Michigan testing.

I think some are thinking that they had a lot of positive tests with SEC football, or any other sport. Most of the players sitting out were because of contact tracing, not positive tests. And, most of the players tested negative three times a week. Think about how 300 negative tests in a week would effect percentages. One positive might mean 5 or 6 players sat out.

Below is the main point of the story.

Frustrated and looking for answers, Serra HS (CA) head coach Patrick Walsh and the Golden State Coaches community collected some data that no sports in the fall, particularly football in this case, was having on the kids in their school systems.

Among the measurable data that coach Walsh and the community were able to collect from FOOTBALL programs only:

1,087 – Players ineligible
253 – High School Drop outs
64 – Student athletes incarcerated
85 – Students who have joined gangs
38 – New fathers
It’s important to note that none of these numbers would not have been at zero had football been played this fall, but it would be safe to assume that they would be drastically lower than those figures. It’s also missing important perspective on what 2019 numbers were in those areas.

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“Assume” is the main point that I got. I never like that as a main point. Data from other seasons would really provide some good perspective. Sure wish they would have had that. I do not believe many professional journalists would put their name on a story without adding that perspective.

I am pleased that Arkansas figured out a way to get through the football season.

this is obviously incomplete data, as the story concedes.

But I’m overjoyed that SOMEONE is saying SOMETHING that questions our extreme shut-down mentality. Hearing CA small business owners, especially restaurateurs, tell their stories is heart breaking.

as a father of 3 teenagers, we really struggled with Spring, 2020 and virtual “school”, which was a farce. Thankfully, LRSD is allowing us the option of having our sons in school now. but my 19 year old is still having virtual “school”, including virtual “labs” in chemistry and anatomy. That’s oxymoronic.

This is a discussion that needs to be had, and not by national politicians, who only blame other people for problems, but by parents and schools and local leaders.

cuz this thing isn’t over, and it is very likely not to be the last pandemic of our lives.

This hs coach compiled some data, very limited, but better than the House and Senate have done, combined. we need more folks like him, talking to each other, to try and figure out what decisions of 2020 were helpful. which were detrimental. what did US do vs Sweden vs Germany, etc, and how do we prepare for the next pandemic.

sorry for the heavy post, but this hs football coach is trying to start a VERY important discussion.
kudos to him, and kudos to RD for bringing it to this board.


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While I agree with you on professional journalists being more fact driven and curious enough to go beyond anecdotal conclusions, I think that population should be placed on the endangered species list, since apparently there is a shrinking number surviving, Obviously present company excluded!

Lots of good journalists still out there. And they are all very important to our society. The ones that tell the truth and report accurately, that is. And there are plenty of those too. Just have to be discerning.

Without the same corresponding data from previous years one cannot conclude that this data is all caused from Covid shutdowns.

I don’t think he’s writing about virtual school. He’s writing about contact sports. Oh, well. I get your point.

My point is that I sure wish the reporter had done a better job. Maybe he’s not a trained professional anyway. That website isn’t really about that.

While I agree it’s not in-depth, I think the coaches who reported those numbers should know if the numbers were higher than past years. They probably saw increased numbers and that drove their curiosity to do the research.

The good news is that they have these numbers to study going forward – and add more data. That’s a good starting point.

I have heard stories from coaches in the Little Rock district about what happens when the youngsters play sports and don’t play sports. We need sports.

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Regarding your advice, discernment led to my original opinion. Thanks anyway.

Clay, I agree, after the first sentence that was clear. I hoped that the bad editing of the initial paragraph, would be corrected in the actual article. no such luck, and plenty more to follow.


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