Coaching changes

Expect things to start shelling out sooner, instead of later. I expect, at least not surprised, Barry Lunney Jr. to be an offensive coordinator somewhere next season. Expect most of the Hog changes to come from the defensive side. More to come. Stay tuned. Expect lots of alterations everywhere.

I hope the changes work, but honestly this feels a lot like Stong at Texas last season rearranging the deck chairs on the Austin Titanic.

I know it’s gonna happen, but firing assistants and coordinators won’t change much in the W/L column.

You may be right, Jackson, but CBB is gonna have at least one more season no matter what. I think there is a lot to be said for this formula: 100 percent sure he stays with 8 or more wins; 90 percent sure he is safe with 7 wins; 90 percent sure he is gone with 6 wins; really though you can kiss his arse goodbye with anything less than 7 wins. He may not want to stick around regardless of the win total.

I know he is, but fully expect it to be an exercise in futility.

Really think the example of Strong is off base. The difference between the program’s each took over talent wise etc was night and day and the talent that Texas draws regardless of who is Coach is a huge difference as well. On top of this the SEC and the Western division is considerably tougher than what Texas had on its schedule.

I am sure that there are some Coaches out there who can do better at Arkansas, but who are they and can we get one of them? If we are not pretty certain a replacement can produce better than who we have, is it worth the risk.

The next coach really needs to have extensive ties in east Texas and the metroplex and he needs to round out his staff with great recruiters with Louisiana and Houston ties.

I have a feeling a power 5 conference will hire Phillip Montgomery next season. It could be Arkansas. He fits the the bill.

I’m just saying Strong made a ton of staff changes and that did not turn it around.

I’m not sure there will be staff changes as most inside likely believe issue is lack of talent.

Firing is scape goat for AD not providing a recruiting plan that overcomes systemic disadvantages that plague program regardless of a coaching personality.

Intead of promoting self on national panels, needs to create a plan to achieve SEC top parody and win- loss success for football program.

The AD creates the recruiting plan? At what school?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not exactly a fan of Long. You can blame him for his HC hires, but it isn’t the job of the AD to create a recruiting plan. Today, AD’s aren’t former coaches. It would be like asking the non contractor owner of a building to make the construction plan. No, that is the job of the contractor you hire.

Strong was never wanted that’s number #1. #2 the Texas roster wasn’t what people thought.

Actually, there may not have been as much difference in what Charlie inherited, after he got through with the house cleaning, and what Bielema inherited.

Brown wasn’t recruiting as lights-out as most non Texas observers would think. Brown’s last four Texas teams had a combined W/L record of 30-21, with a best 9-4 record in 2012.

In addition to the talent issue there also entitlement issues.

You do recall Arkansas’s decisive Texas Bowl victory after the '14 season. That wasn’t due to Charlie forgetting how to coach. He didn’t have any players.

When Strong cleaned house of the thugs, he cleaned house of some talent also. Catch 22

If you are wanting the AD to come up with a good recruiting plan all he has to do is get the big money people to create a slush fund to take care of players like is going on at most of the other programs. You think all those great classes at the same schools every year just happens. College football recruiting is getting very similar to college basketball recruiting.

I hope you’re right.
This staff, by and large, is not getting it done on the field or in recruiting.
Better athletes will equate to more wins, but the defensive scheme has got to change.
I’d love to see Paul Rhodes promoted to DC and replace him and Seagrest with a couple of rainmakers.


[/quote]I was only addressing talent, not the somewhat subjective side issues (not saying there were not issues, but how do you measure?). Regardless I would take what was on campus in Austin when Charlie arrived over the roster Bobby and John L. left behind. Regardless of what one thinks about Bobby as a person/coach, his recruiting was not exceptional and certainly weak in some areas.

I totally agree. Coaches recruit. I don’t know where this started that the AD develops the recruiting plan. I’ve read it in other threads.

If its Recruiting then hopefully BB focuses on hiring coaches with that in mind instead of a former NFL coach who’s now a assistant at “Docker state” who has a great reputation for developing 2 Star talent.


Now we seem to focusing on development more than coaches with a resume of bringing in RECRUITING TALENT.