Coaching change may be good for both sides

After watching Mike’s press conference, he seemed to be really excited about the new job. I saw and heard passion that seemed like had been missing the last couple years here. In today’s social media whirlwind, I’m sure all the negativity can wear on any coach. A new start may be the best thing for Mike.

On the other side, I’m really excited about our new head coach and the passion he is expressing about this job. This may just be a win-win for St Johns program and fans and also for the Razorback program and fans.

I know I’m a happy fan of CEM and the Razorbacks, and also a happy fan of Mike and now the Red Storm.

Me too.

I always liked Louie Carnaseca, loved the old BIg East.

But never thought I’d be a true SJU fan! Now I’ve got a good excuse to buy a new hat. I wont’ buy a lid online, so where the heck am I going to find a SJU at in Little Rock?!?


I like this one … gLWnvD_BwE

that is a sweet lid! I wonder if there’ll be enough interest locally to start seeing SJU hats in the next few weeks?


There’s a lot of Hog fans on twitter supporting Coach Anderson. I think he was loved a lot more than most thought. I will be a huge fan but Hogs will always remain number one. Really hope that we never play each other but you and i both know that if we are in the NCAA tourney and our seeds fall in line they will absolutely match us up.

Ooo, I like that one. I got a birthday coming up told my wife to get me at St. John’s hat. Might have to leave this link on her computer.

Feel the same way. I’m Arkansas born and raised so will always root for the Hogs, however I grew up on 40 MOH and that style of play and Nolan/Mike’s legacy is most of what made me love basketball, so I’m always going to keep up with what CMA is doing, if he’s at St. John’s I’m going to root for them as well, and I agree you know if we both make tourney and they will try to match us up, it’s bound to happen within the next few years.

I might even have to consider a short vacation trip to the Big Apple to catch an SJU game. Maybe schedule it around a Friday or Sunday Knicks/Wizards (Portis) game in the Garden. I’ve made a bunch of business trips to NY. A couple were very unpleasant. I’ve never given a thought to taking even a short vacation there. Concrete and tall buildings are just not my idea of a vacation spot.

Mike Anderson is not the coach here! I am an Arkansas fan and this is an Arkansas message board! If y’all love St Johns and Mike Anderson so much maybe y’all should join a Red Storm Message Board!

/Did I do it right?

In wrestling terms, you just slid a piece of metal from your skin-tight trunks and hit the hero in the face… the crowd is screaming at the ref as the blood pours down his face.

I think It’s fair for now for some of us to talk about it here. There are plenty of Bret posts around still, also posts about Pel. As always, no one is forced to click on and read any particular post here.

I followed CMA when he left hill years ago and watched his teams at UAB and Missouri! I was glad when he got the head job on the hill! I’m a hog fan always have been always will be but I will support and follow what CMA does at ST John’s just like I root for the service academies!
That’s the respect he has earned for the time he put into our Hogs!

Come On, GROW UP!

No reason for the Shade bro and i actually wondered who would be the first “This is a Hog message board post” LOL. As much as Petrino, Nutt and Bielema are rehashed, what’s wrong with pulling for a man that actually ran a good program? Better get used to it.

I always like hearing about former coaches here, whether they are fired or not. Keeps me off other message boards. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. To each his own though. :coffee::sunglasses:

You’re kidding right? Or you haven’t been reading “any” of the posts about former Hog Coaches and their post Hog success or lack of.
But most of those were negative comments towards those individuals, this OP just happens to be a positive one about a very very recent Hog Coach. Maybe that didn’t sit well with you.

Personally I will follow St Johns BBall now just for the very reason of who their new Coach is.

I am happy for CMA and wish him well, as I posted in other threads. I suspect I will follow SJU more closely than before. I couldn’t care less who or what is posted about on this board. I just always found it comical when topics would veer on to respecting others, many would chastise. As Dr. Evil once said, “How quickly the tables have turned Mr. Bigglesworth.”

Yes. I was kidding.

Tightly wound bunch here today.