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I know I am out of touch with today’s world and values, but count me as one who just gets a bit nauseated in how easily it seems to turn a blind eye to character and behavior. You can possibly overlook Liberty hiring Hugh Freeze, although as much as I believe in redemption, my early religious training introduced me to penance. Being paid a huge salary and full permission to chose what rules to follow, even at a lower tier program does not constitute much more than three Hail Mary’s and an Our Father. Sorry for the digression, but now I read that in anticipation of Freeze’s departure, that Art Briles is on Liberty’s radar screen. I know this is speculation, but even his name coming up in any discussion with what is called a Christian based institution, really seems too much for me.

In my 85 year Baptist life, Liberty never has seemed like what I consider a good Christain School. Not even close.

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No surprises at Liberty when they hired Baylor AD, who along with Ken Starr, were both ousted after proven to be a participants of the Baylor sexual assault scandals cover-up. Jerry Falwell, Jr. was equally corrupt with his own forced resignation as Liberty president over his & his wife’s sex scandals & spending sprees.

One has to appreciate the NYT’s headline about Liberty Univ’s recent hires: “At Liberty University, All Sins Are Forgiven On the Altar of Football”

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