Coaching carousel news

Matt Rhule to Nebraska.

Kenny Dillingham (Oregon OC) to Arizona State; he’s a Sun Devil grad.

Looks like Auburn has settled on Bucky Freeze. East Alabama/west Georgia hookers are clearing their calendar.

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I read on an Auburn board this morning that fan reaction to Freeze is hurting his chances. He may not be the slam-dunk pick some thought he would be after Kiffin declined.

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Further carousel news: Stanford coach David Shaw resigned late last night after losing to BYU. A few years ago he was the hot guy; many thought he would end up as an NFL HC like a few other past Stanford coaches (Bill Walsh, Dennis Green, Jim Harbaugh). Instead there’s another job opening in the Pac-12.

And Fickell headed to Wisconsin.

Seems like a great fit but you never know.

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Even for Auburn Hugh Freeze is a lighting rod for a divisiveness where unity is required if you are the third program out sitting between BAMA and UGA.


“I have to say, I don’t understand the Auburn fan base backlash on Hugh Freeze. Last I checked, your basketball coach is Bruce Pearl.”

Truer words.

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To which Pearl’s daughter responded. And a buncha butthurt Auburn fans.

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Wish I could like this 100 times. Marty.


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