Coaches' Top 25

The first preseason poll is out. The Razorbacks’ opponents in the coaches’ poll are: Alabama (1), Auburn (10), Mississippi State (18) and LSU (24). Texas A&M received votes.

I also thought it was kind of interesting that Arkansas State received 19 points in the voting, which was 12th-most in the receiving votes section. I’m not sure I have ever seen a Sun Belt team get that much recognition in the preseason.

Texas got its annual benefit of the doubt by being ranked 21st. … 878563002/

The AP poll, which we use until the College Football Playoff rankings are released, is supposed to come out in a couple of weeks. For what it’s worth, I don’t like preseason polls and don’t think anyone should be ranked until the end of the first month.

True enough. It makes absolutely to sense. A month would be much better.

I agree. Preseason polls are meaningless. Of course, one could argue that polls of any sort are meaningless in the era of the playoffs, but preseason polls reflect nothing except that the schools that finished high last year are probably going to be pretty good this year, too.

The preseason polls are released for TV purposes. A game between Troy and Boise State doesn’t move the needle much Week 1, but channel surfers will stop when they see the number in front of Boise on the TV scoreboard. The rankings also make games between high-profile teams like Michigan-Notre Dame or Miami-LSU seem more important than they might be in reality.

Good points

I have voted in the polls before. The preseason polls are so tough to do. I was an AP voter in both football and basketball. I especially hated basketball and trying to keep up with west coast teams.