Coaches sideline demeanor....

I watched good football all day…and the coaches who coach it. Nick Saban, Jim Harbaugh, Jimbo Fisher and the crazy man Will Muschamp. All of those guys are tough and fiery and will chew butt about every minute. I have watched Coach Morris for 4 games and have never see him get pissed, for the most part. He looks like he is watching an intramural game. I wonder if he is too used to coaching high school where you treat the kids nicer? I am serious…is he too nice? How do you keep from going ballistic when you see some of the stuff we do every game?

They showed a picture of Saban’s staff when he was at LSU…it included Jimbo Fischer and Will Muschamp. I bet those practices were worth watching. What a staff…National Championship calibre which produced a national championship.

He has gone “ballistic” several times this year as Ty, Cole, the OL and his assistants will verify in both practice and games.

What he does not do is just yell to yell.

One of his “best” explosions was in a practice in August that didn’t start off right. It was Petrino- or Richardson-like.

He has a point, gets it across loudly and moves on to the next play or drill.

He was chewing Jared Cornelius’ backside pretty good tonight after a substitution error.

I haven’t seen it, but I am glad. The only times I have watched him was on the tube. He is calm as can be. I like a coach who is fiery and does not accept poor effort or poor play. Maybe there is hope for this team.

Not sure what your watching but I’ve seen him pissed several times

I was watching SEC network last night.

Compared to CBB his demeanor is Bear Bryant like…

Yes sir… truth

I don’t know what your watching but I have seen him be very vocal several times! he’s much more into the game than CBB was IMO.

I thought CCM was very vocal, coached, teaching… I actually had that thought last night how much I appreciated him vs the precious guy taking time to communicate to players.

I have seen Morris barking at people multiple times.

The important part is that, like Morris himself says, the kids feeling cared for and loved (which they did with Bielema)…which sets you up to coach as hard as you want to (aka Richardson).

I will say that the current generation is a much more sensitive generation. I have noticed a change in my own career. I used to be a maniac in rehearsal. I can’t be any longer.

Morris holds the guys accountable. I can assure you.

Whether you see it on a 10 second clip or not he does.

I know a lot of coaches that leave the butt chewing for practice. If you’re yelling at your team during the game then you aren’t doing your job in practices. You see most coaches from the saban tree become irrate during games (muschamp, Jimbo, Kirby, etc), but I wouldn’t say that’s why they are successful coaches.

I love his demeanor. He chews when he needs to chew and encourages when he needs to encourage. I saw him trying to keep his team “up” after giving up scores last night, but he was most definitely ticked at Jared last night. And, he got all over Cole last week when Cole kept going off the receiver (who had apparently run a wrong route).

I like his demeanor on the sideline. He certainly does not appear to be bewildered at any time during the game.