Coaches see NWA as a plus in recruiting

It’s been interesting reading on how coaches are using our areas natural beauty as a bonus in recruiting. And yet, for years we have been told that NWA and it’s regional location is one of the primary reasons why top recruits don’t come here. Kids want to live near major population centers because they are more exciting and have more things to do. Kids don’t care about biking, camping, fishing. They care nothing about the low pollution and crimes rates, and a friendly population. They certainly care nothing that traffic isn’t hell on earth like it is in major cities. Yep. Kids surely don’t want to be in an area of the country where everyone dresses in overhauls and don’t have all thier teeth. No question about it. This place might as well be 1919 instead of 2019. Dudley, Richard, Bo, Zack, Ruskin? Any thoughts guys?

I think the Natural State is a great place. I enjoyed my trip to Cabo and Montana this past summer, but was especially glad when I was home and could get back to taking advantage of all of the cool things around home.

I am always interested to hear the different vendors who move people to Northwest Arkansas who came screaming and kicking, vowing to leave when their two-year tour of duty working with Walmart or Sam’s Club was over. Most never want to leave and will even change jobs to stay. P&G is a perfect example. A top person at P&G can just about name their destination. The company has many who came to Fayetteville and then never left. Some changed to other companies to stay, but most just put their upward move on hold to just raise their families here. I know many of those folks. You can find the same stuff with companies like Wrangler, Unilever and many, many others who sent people here and they never left.

The P&G story is interesting. Many of the vendors set up their operations in Rogers or Bentonville and that makes perfect sense. Close to the mother ship is a good thing.

P&G scouted it pretty well and said Fayetteville was best for the way their people wanted to live. That was before some of the growth in Bentonville. There is a lot more in Bentonville than when P&G built it’s office (across from Lindsey) on Joyce. My daughter works in that office now. It is a wonderful company with great people. I would say that if Becca didn’t work there.


Arkansas uses the rankings that show Fayetteville and NW Arkansas as one of the top places to live. They push that hard. While it may get the kid’s attention, the parents really take note. Especially the low crime rate.

Guarantee you, Notre Dame doesn’t even mention South Bend in any form unless it is a
warning no stay away. Ugly and dangerous.


No question NWA is beautiful. But I would like to see some evidence of major recruit signings before believing that it helps. Maybe they are saying it would have been worse without the beauty of NWA?

I don’t think anyone is saying NWA is the only reason for a kid to ink with Arkansas but it’s one of several things you do sell. That and the job opportunities after football.

No one mentioned the beauty of NWA. Although that doesn’t hurt.

It is one of many pluses. It is safe and parents definitely know and love that aspect.