Coaches Salary--C. Kelly

C Kelly agreed to be UCLA coach for a contract of $23.3 M over 5 years or $4.66 M per year. with $9m reciprocal buyout. That seems low given he was the number one Coach recruit (excluding John Gruden) by top schools and not sure of any extras but It makes one think about salaries as we work through our new coach search. Not sure if UCLA got a deal or if we SEC types are over paying.

From Football Scoop.
Chip Kelly has decided to return to college football and he will do so at UCLA.

We reported this was expected to be his choice yesterday and now the program has announced it. Kelly will be introduced in a press conference on Monday. He signed a 5-year contract worth $23.3 million with a $9 million reciprocal buyout.

He had a tough choice and went the safest route. Easier to be a hero there plus he knows the area. We will have to pay a lot unless we do the up and coming coach. 3 million at least and up to 4.5 high end is my uneducated guess. Like the Dodgers and Yankee fans. I don’t care. Just get results

If we were to have any chance of getting Gus (and maybe we still do), it would have probably taken $6 million a year. Maybe more. He’s close to $5 million now.

We could get somebody like Morris for less; he’s making $2M at SMU, which USA Today says is the highest salary for a coach outside the Power 5.

Would we pay $4million for Venables, Campbell, or Norvell? I think The Gus bus has left the terminal but you never know. B.B. Was never a thought to any on the board until hired. I was shocked and thrilled. I want to be shocked and thrilled again.