Coaches poll

  • Lane Kiffin
  • Willie Fritz
  • Mike Leach
  • Eliah Drinkwitz
  • Bryan Harsin
  • Justin Fuente
  • Mike Norvell
  • Dave Clawson

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The official WHS coaches poll. Hunter will take note and hire the guy with the most votes.

Probably make him another GIF, this time he will have the football stadium exploding.

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I hope HY hires the coach with the most votes that would take all the suspense out of the next few days.

I notice some voted for more than one. My vote ws for one only.


Looked all over for Gerry Faust and didn’t see his name listed. :cry:


I find it interesting that Drink is higher than Leach, I think that says enough about fan perception of the “pirate” or whatever you want to call him.

How long does it take for your vote to register? I voted, but it doesn’t show I did. Also, what I’m seeing now is that Lane has 74% to 2nd place 26%. But the circled names show only one more vote for Lane than the 2nd place candidate??

See the little red arrow under LK’s voters? Tap it.

92 voters is not a large enough sample size to say.

Well, sure, but like anything sample size, it gives you an idea.

Thanks. You actually have to type it twice now. First tap gives you another line of voters and the next tap gives you all the up to date voters.

Who threw Fritz a sympathy vote?:slightly_smiling_face:

More votes than voters. Sounds like Georgia. Anyway, the percentages also add up to more than 100%…

several voters voted for more than one candidate. I noticed one that voted for 6 candidates.

You can vote for more than one. Vote for all if you like.:thinking:

What a listing…or what a listing if it were 1960…is there no shame?

Who do you suggest?

He’s been pretty vocal about David Shaw