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Does anyone have a resource they can link to that shows the breakdown of how much coaches’ salaries are paid by their school and how much is paid by booster clubs/foundations?

Not aware of one, Rags. The USA Today database is total compensation. ProPublica has the database of Form 990s that lists compensation for coaches at private schools that don’t have to disclose pay, but as I found with Brian Kelly the other day, it listed what the school pays him directly but not what he was getting from other sources at ND. I looked up a couple of foundations (including RF), but their 990s didn’t include itemized lists of how much they chipped in for coaches’ pay.

For public schools it would probably take FOI requests, and for private schools, good luck.

Fair enough, though is my premise correct, that it’s the booster clubs that provide the bulk, or is that a misperception on my part?

I can only speak for what Arkansas does, but the majority of the largest contracts are paid by the Razorback Foundation. Pittman, for instance, is paid $500,000 in university funds. The rest of his contract, including the $750,000 in raises he earned this season, is paid by foundation funds.

I think that’s probably a safe assumption. I looked up Vandy, though, and their Form 990 listed full salaries for Derek Mason and Bryce Drew (neither one of which is still there). So I guess it varies by school.

So does that mean, for example, that of Sams $3.25M next year, the university will pay $500K of it? (I am trying to provide counterpoint to an argument I’m in about exorbitant coaches’ salaries vs. athletes’ compensation by noting that at least most of the coaches’ pay doesn’t come from the universities)

Sam’s getting $3.75M next year, assuming HY doesn’t tear it up (there’s another thread going on that subject). Wins 6, 7 and 8 were each worth a $250K raise. But yeah, UA pays him $500K and the RF picks up the rest.

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