Coaches on the HOT Seat

Even with the WIN, Coach B remains #5. I don’t understand. We should win vs:


to finish at 8-4…

I’m of the general belief that ADs laugh at these hot seat rankings because their criteria for being on the hot seat differ significantly from that of fans. There are a number of coaches that I have heard about being on the hot seat who I think are likely to be back next season - Bielema being one.

Lord knows I know nothing on this topic, but I have a hard time thinking Coach O gets fired after one year. I guess it could happen, just don’t see it. For coach B, absent fewer that 5 wins, I don’t see him being gone, and maybe not then!

I don’t think they read or waste their time reading things such as this, they have much better things to read.

I don’t think CBB is on the hot seat at all this year. However, I suspect he will be if we finish 5-7 or maybe 6-6.