Coaches need confidence, too!

Like players, Coaches need confidence. I think as Mike continues to have success, he will become more vocal with players, refs and the media. I don’t want him to say anything stupid after a KY loss, though, but I do want to see that fire come out of him with anyone that isn’t doing what they are supposed to be doing. He needs success to be himself. It’s coming.

Wait, you’re talking about a guy that has taken 3 teams to the NCAA tourney, has Elite 8 appearances and Sweet 16 appearances, and has a NC ring. I don’t think he lacks for confidence in himself. But, I do think the more competitive team he gets you’ll see more fire out of him.

Fair. Maybe I should have said the more support and confidence Mike gets from the fan base…

My VHO: I think the more he feels like he has a team that is really competitive you’ll see tougher competitition, you’ll see more fire, you’ll see him push his team harder. The more competitive his players are against each other the tougher he’ll try to mold them. Iron sharpens iron. CMA will put the heat to forge the iron.

Mike Anderson is a proven winner! He knows who he is and what he stands for. He practices what he preaches’.