Coaches meeting?

Is it basketball only that the coaches all convene during the championship game week? Do football coaches meet next week. Seems like they do, and that Dudley has mentioned that is a fine period for coaches to find better fitting positions.

If so, then shortly after Bama’s championship win again shall we hear about any coaching changes that might be made.

yes the coaches convention is next week after the NC game. Then the dead period is lifted and recruiting is off and running. with 7 NFL jobs open plenty of assistants will be on the move. If anyone is leaving the staff after being told to find a spot next week will be when that stuff starts coming out.

Yes, coaches convention starts this weekend. There will be a lot of movement starting then. It’s the biggest transition for coaches of the year. Basically, it’s the place that a lot of interviews take place as coaches fill their staffs (and unload a few). First speakers are Sunday afternoon. Full schedule begins Monday.

The convention is in Nashville, but it begins Sunday, not after the championship game.

Speaking schedule is Sunday through Wednesday. I did notice that Ronnie Huckeba (now retired from Harding) is one of the break-out speakers near the end of the schedule:

Among the speakers: Kris Cinkovich, offensive line coach, Idaho.