Coaches may be way over heads

Coaches may be way over heads and more talent may not be enough.

At some point you have to give confidence to fan base that you are improving on both sides of ball.

Completely winnable game.

We looked like a program re considering D1.

No excuse for looking like that, especially after having two weeks to prepare. The play calling and game management on offense left a lot to be desired (end of first half).

Pelphrey 2.0

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Game calling was fine, execution was terrible.

I shouldn’t post tonight, but I just can’t believe our defense can’t stop a bad team with a wideout playing quarterback. We look like a high school team in our talent level and our game plan. John Chavis can’t engineer a game plan to stop a team without a quarterback? We looked like we had never seen the option run.What is the deal?

Nick Starkel just played absolutely horriblly He couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle. Coach Morris waited way too long to go to Hicks. I know we aren’t a talented team, but our coaches aren’t giving the players the best chance to win. The decisions being made on that sideline and upstairs just don’t appear to be SEC level decision making. What are we going to do with this mess?

This. Yes.

I have patience when there is reason.

Otherwise have no choice when admin of my favorite program is so horribly administered.

What’s up? Anyone want to be D 1 again?

What’s the latest excuse for little progress?

Who was the former player who basically said the shenanigans with JLS and Bielema effectively gave Arkansas the death penalty?

Grant Garrett or Russ brown I think.

Fans don’t realize how low talent level had gotten. You got to have players to win. Young talent is getting better

Keep blaming and making excuses. This is all on CCM.

I’ve blamed no one or made excuses. I just don’t see the benefit of firing Morris at this juncture. Some assistance maybe, but not Morris.

What assistant worth anything is going to want to come in here with a coach on the hottest of hot seats going in to 2020? None

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Rhett Lashlee would leave SMU. Defense, no clue.

I don’t for one minute think the defensive staff is in over their heads. I do not think the game has passed them by. The defense was on the field way too much tonight - the offensive whiffs (a couple of back-to-back 3-and-outs in the second half sandwiched around a couple of long KY drives) sapped their strength.

The offensive staff besides Lunney seems iffy to me. Fry seems to be making a small amount of progress. To be fair, he has not had the crew practicing on the field for games very often. You can see incremental improvement but we aren’t getting any blocking help from anyone not named Boyd. Young WRs are not very good at it, for sure. Stepp might be able to recruit talent but there are tons of misalignments, route discipline issues, and blocking whiffs out of his group. Like with Fry, though, he has not had a full rotation, or even a knowable rotation, since mid-August.

I don’t buy the TV commentator about Nick’s feet - A&M didn’t fix them, and UA didn’t fix them. Like an MLB (or SEC) pitcher’s mechanics, you sometimes leave them alone vs. screwing everything up to fix them. But, he has seemed out of sync for two straight games and Hicks seemed more in sync. How does that happen? What is the real answer behind that?

Starkel was once brimming with confidence, now seems afraid to compete, and use his natural abilities.
I don’t understand what is going on. It feels like every team in the SEC has a better third string quarterback than our starter(s). THE most important position on the team. I wish I knew what was really going on behind the scenes, but
something is rotten in Denmark. I don’t know the answers. It can’t ALL be on the players.
My conclusion: At this point, I don’t care. I give up. I feel sorry for the players, I think they are playing hard and want badly to win. There is enough talent on this team to have beaten Kentucky tonight.
“Insiders”, step up and tell us what you know, because it’s obvious (my opinion) that something is screwy.