Coaches hitting the road

The coaches will be on the road seeing kids play Friday.

They’re expected to hit some in-state games.

When Arkansas plays Auburn they’re expected to hit some surrounding states that Friday evening.

They’ll hit Texas hard when they play A&M with all 10 coaches on the road.

They’ll also use the Ole Miss game in LR to catch some guys in central and south Arkansas.

You get 42 evaluation days during the season. So when the 10 coaches go out before the A&M game, that will be 10 evaluation days.

Bielema and staff used up the majority of their days during the open week. This staff will spread them out during the season.

In before anyone asks.

It does not count as an evaluation day when Coach Morris sees Chandler Morris plays.

Any word when a coach goes to see one of the juco OL?

One other thing different, CCM can go out during the fall Evaluation Period.

Will check.

Yes on Morris. Head coaches just can’t go out during the spring.