Coaches comments very telling

After the completion of the recent signing period, I noticed several coaches including CCM make comments that the talent level of the incoming recruits would improve the team competition.
Based upon last season’s results and play and the coaches comments about increased competition, I took it to mean at least two factors:

  1. Validated lack of quality starters and depth.
  2. Several of the players didn’t have the attitude to strive to be the best they can be. They didn’t have the initiative or drive to strain to be the best. They cruised through the spring and season and put forth minimal effort.
    Good coaches aren’t going to diss their players in public. I bet the coaches took out their frustration with superior recruiting and can.t wait for to flush out the under performers.

Refer all of your points to the lack of effort in the Mississippi State and the Missouri games. What we watched was totally unacceptable. The Vanderbilt game was unaceptable as well. If I had CCM’s job I would do house cleaning and unload as many of the quitters as I could!
If the entire team played with the same heart and effort as Scotta Harris the picture we watched would have been much different and so would the results.
There will be some freshmen start. That’s my opinion.

Yep, he also said when he took the job there was enough talent to win at least 4 games or more. That did not happen for whatever reason, I’m more in the camp of promise little and be overachievers, I will believe CCM is the man for the job until he proves he isn’t. WPS

Is it the comments or that almost 30% of the players transferring the telling sign?

I hope with the right players, he can change things quickly. Look at Bama and the younger players they start. They’re starting 6 soph.'s on offense. In fact they’re starting 4 fr., 11 Soph.'s, 9 Jr.'s, and only 5 Sr.'s on both sides and specialty. What happened to those Jr. and Sr. classes that were also in the top five in recruiting? It’s not like they were trying to change anything. They simply continue to upgrade.

30% transferring??? That would be about 24 players, almost as many as this signing class. Source?

Article from says 20 but article is from November 26th. So the numbers are higher:

20 players have left the Arkansas football program for various reasons, from injuries to transferring to simply moving on with life. … 125388261/