Coaches casual look

Noticing more of the league coaches going much more casual in game day attire this year. Is this something Muss took the lead on and other coaches are following?

Probably just because of COVID

I think the college coaches are following the NBA coaches’ lead. The NBA coaches went to the casual look during the bubble games in Orlando.

I think basketball coaches should follow the lead of baseball coaches and where basketball uniforms. Couldn’t you have just seen Nolan in basketball shorts and jersey? :smile:

I know it is just how things are and it doesn’t look strange to see a baseball manager in a baseball uniform, but it really is silly. I know there have been some MLB managers in the past who wore street clothes, but I am 57 and don’t ever remember seeing one other than in old pictures/film.

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I think the next time we break out our 78 retro unis, Muss should wear a vintage Eddie Sutton leisure suit.

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Don’t forget the fro!!!

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