Coaches Are Swinging for Fences With O-Line

Recruits, and that’s good thing. These kids are impressive, and I hope we can,land a few of them. And we’re going national with our plan–Michigan, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, etc. Exciting list of prospects. WPS!
And thanks Richard for the Opening updates.

Ragnow being drafted after this season will be a big boost to next year’s image as well. We have a credible image with Olineman and our program is taking advantage of it.

You get Luke Jones on board and then try to get Dunlap, Sewell or Carvin.

Richard, what’s your gut tell you on the three you mentioned as far as our chances of landing them? Which is the most likely & least likely to get? Thanks

Dunlap. Not saying they’re getting him but probably the best chance.