Coaches All-SEC honors were announced today

Brandon Miller’s recogniton as first-team all conference and Player of the Year is what I suspected would happen, and why I called the SEC’s refusal to name him Freshman Player of the Week a couple of weeks ago “pointless.” But I guess there is a point if it signalled some disapproval.

He wasn’t charged for any wrongdoing. Not even suspended. Looks like they didn’t let social media dictate their selections.

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So glad that’s good enough for you, PJ.
He was on the scene when a young mother got murdered, and if he doesn’t pull up, there is no murder weapon to use.

And, even though I fully support the 2nd Amendment and own several guns, I wonder how you reconcile the punk behavior that Ja is exihibiting, especially since you seem to love today’s NBA?

Full disclosure, I love watching Ja play, but WTF is he doing in his free time? Kids are watching his every move.

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Ja is being stupid and immature.


Ricky Council was Arkansas’ lone selection on the AP All-SEC teams. He was named to the second team. He and AB received one vote for newcomer of the year.