Personally, I really don’t mind if they keep him, obviously the QB spot has been a problem as well as mismanaged one could argue. There have been a lot of problems. But he has recruited pretty well, and managed to redshirt most of them. But I have yet to see him even try to run his system.

All these coach speak things people seem to really believe, (fans always have in my lifetime) like it take time, guys have to learn the system, we have to keep it simple for them, water it down, they have to learn the lingo, yada yada yada, meanwhile the last 2-3 weeks, other teams are grabbing Players from other potions and putting them at QB or putting in new QBs and stomping us out with them.

But by all means believe what you want.

Nerdvil or whoever does nothing for me. I think he would bomb in recruiting in SEC . Like the way he plays, but just doesn’t excite me in the least. I would rather keep CM.
And I don’t want any college retreads, other than Kiffin, I’d take him, probably only college guy I would want.

If we fire him I want a NFL guy, really don’t care who, young old, whatever, whoever, just a ex player or coach from the NFL.

The last NFL guy we got that I remember was Otis Douglas who was hired to bring NFL type football to Arkansas. He won three games one year I recall.

The last NFL guy we got that I remember did an incredible job until he wrecked his Harley.

The one from the NFL before CBP did a pretty good job also, Lou Holtz