We let the wrong coach go when Nutt was here. Didn’t know it then, but pretty obvious now who the best coach was. If Malzahn can recruit here like he does at Auburn, we would ALL like it.

Considering that st. gus was already gone when HDN got his golden parachute, it’s not like we let Gus go.

And no, Gus couldn’t recruit to Arkansas like he does Auburn. Very few if any could do that.

He may not recruit as well here. But according to 247 TT averaged just under 18 in recruiting rankings his last 8 years. Gus has averaged 8…pretty impressive.

Don’t you mean "pretty impre$$ive?

Will he be able to recruit like that here? I think that is the million dollar question. My biggest fear is that whoever pushed Long out an wants to bring Gus in wants to win so bad we are going to end up in Ole Miss’s shoes in 3 or 4 years. In both his stints at Auburn, it’s pretty obvious Gus doesn’t mind looking the other way on that stuff.

No one can recruit here like they do at Auburn, Ala, GA, Fla, Tenn, TAM
just not enough home grown kids.

Yes Texas has a ton of players but everyone recruits Texas

Wrap your mind around this Don … It. is. Gus’s. Job. If. He. Accepts.

Maybe the free $$$$$ increased from TT to SaintGus.

That could be said for Saban as well but why would he come here?

It makes no sense at all

Bigger school ,better recruiting, more money.
I don’t care who it is so long as we compete

I don’t know the man at all but he seems like as ass
But same can be said about me and everybody loves me