Coach Van Horn’s coaching style

I enjoy watching great coaches. The great ones often have a collection of common traits, even if there are multiple successful styles. I really appreciate Coach Van Horn’s professional approach.

Coach obviously has more depth on this team than in previous years. So it would be easy to, say, bench Goodheart after the Georgia game on Wednesday and DH someone else (Welch, for example). Yet, Goodheart not only stays in the lineup against Vandy, but he hits lead off (assuring maximum number of AB’s, among other things).

It would seem, Coach has determined that Goodheart is the DH, because it’s been earned. Earned over the course of hundreds of official AB’s, and thousands more practice reps. A 2 (or 3) week slump doesn’t trump the volume of data that put Goodheart in the DH spot to begin with.

Now, perhaps, we have seen the breakout of a key hitter just at the right time, instead of a benched regular wondering when he might get his confidence back.

Too many examples to name regarding the handling of pitchers, but it’s been really fun to watch Coach juggle these multiple decisions, while pushing buttons that need to be pushed (I predict that the next time Monk takes the mound, he’ll look like what we saw against Florida and not what we saw against Vandy.)

We all know this, of course, but we are truly blessed to have Coach Van Horn leading this program… and, really, he’s just now in his prime.


Yea it’s a good thing DVH doesn’t listen to the experts around here or elsewhere.
Not a knock on anybody here, just to be clear.

Coach Van Horn reminds me of Saban with the mindset of the process of players getting better each day with ultimate goal of winning a NC if they keep the focus on getting better each day. No rah rah talks just even keeled steady blue collar work and focus. He’s fair and treats every player the same . Their performance and work ethic determines who plays.


I will raise my hand that i was one of the persons on this Blog, asking why Jaxon Wiggins against Vols…my playing experience ended as a 20 year old American Legion Player choosing to go into Engineering for a career. My Daughter spent 4 years in Fayetteville and I love it and watch every game i can possibly find even on my phone, including all the Rangers Arlington games.

With out a doubt DVH is a legend and leaps and bounds of humans on this blog and other Coachs and is truly an orchestrator of a world class symphony that only he can hear.

I dont know all the recruiting ratings but i doubt Jacob Nesbit, Charlie Welch and others are not 5 star but he plays them like the chick on Queens Gambit and I am awe struck sometimes how the magic unfolds.

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Welch and Nesbit are opposites. Welch is a terrific hitter, but not really great anywhere in the field. He may learn to play first base eventually. But it would seem a longshot that he’d beat out Dylan Leach at catcher. Nesbit has had some flashes with the bat, but he’s a terrific fielder, a dynamite third baseman who can also play short or second.

Having said all of that, Dave Van Horn picked both of them for this team and for good reason. Both have a role. As Scott Van Pelt says often, they are useful.

I get so frustrated at Nesbit at the plate sometimes, and then I watch him play defense. He’s not needed to score runs but he’s sure saved a lot.


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