Coach to be on SEC This Morning

… in just a few minutes. That’s on the SEC network.

CSP represents well, very humble yet confident leader.


I like his rhetoric, he is a straight shooter that does not try to be something he is not but always aspires to get better, plain and simple, I am sure that is why he is embraced by his players. Read this quote earlier, when asked about this years team compared to last years team;

“I don’t want to talk about last year’s team to be honest with you,” Pittman said. “We’re in Week Four. Our team hasn’t gotten rattled ever. I’m proud of them.

“I know what you’re saying. You’re giving us a compliment and I appreciate it.”

The Razorbacks, who have an open date this week before resuming play at No. 7 Texas A&M on Oct. 31, could get some of their injured players back for the Aggies.

“You know what’s amazing?” Pittman said. ‘We can be a lot better than what we’re playing right now.

“Our kids understand that. I didn’t say I’m disappointed. I’m not disappointed at all, but I’m saying we can be a lot better.”

Would really appreciate it if someone could post a link to an archive of Sam’s segment … or a re-air; wasn’t up early enough to see this. :disappointed:

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That was great The Hog call was on the awkward side though. :slight_smile:

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