Coach Stepp

Coach Stepp proved to be able to coach and develop receivers at SMU, now he is recruiting, especially out of state receivers like Arkansas possibly has never seen before. We will see how that translates to receivers on the current roster and their development. In my opinion I think we may have one of the best receiver coaches in the country. The relationship he builds with the players and recruits is like none I have ever seen. We talk about certain position coaches who aren’t recruiting up to par but, let’s appreciate one of the best coaches and recruiters Arkansas has seen in quite some time. The only position coach that comes to mind that has done this well in recent years is Sam Pittman.

He definitely connects with his players and recruits. I know he’s highly thought of by one former Hog receiver.

100% agree with this… this guy is the man. Let’s get that Non-sec compete clause on his next contract ASAP