Coach Search Clues

Let’s look at 2 things:

  1. Muss hire- thorough process and meaningful interview where Muss sold himself to HY. Had reviewed film of every game and had a plan. Lots of reference checks etc. Not a big name hire but one HY was very confident about.
  2. HY quote at presser: “we have to get this hire right, …can’t be doing it again in 2-3 years”
    Conclusion- don’t expect an impulse/ risky hire just because of a name. Might take a little time past last game to get substantive interviews done. Don’t expect just a ceremonial interview before hopping on a plane to Fay. Do expect a good solid hire, even if not a big splash.
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Would assume lengthy review & lessons learned on what went wrong with our prior search for our last football HC hire. HY seems to have gotten this right with Muss.

Heard from many here in DFW who questioned our football hire out of SMU in 12/2017. Some of them knew SMU football players, most of whom without favorable things to say about their coach. Some reasonable vetting & interviews to evaluate the coach might have exposed this including lack of player development & poor motivation from the coach.

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I suspect that it will be as well run as the basketball one was - and also as out of view.

Which as a reporter is not the best for me, but is the best for the search.

I will be in Nashville this weekend and in the offices of Creative Artists Agency to see my son Brooks. My ears will be listening for anything.

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I talked to someone earlier who has some good and is almost certain they’re talking to John Gruden & he is very interested. And he was seen wearing a red tie on a white shirt.

You heard it here first. :grinning:

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Read today that Gruden was also on FSU short list. I would hope that HY can move forward before several coaching openings happen at the end of the season but understand that the interviews don’t happen until the season is over. So Carolina is trying to buy out Muschamp after the App St game but the BOT split due to his $19 M buyout. Also curious to see if Auburn dumps Gus. Don’t want us to be competing again for coaches & end up settling again.

I was being tongue-in-cheek about Gruden. His name was bandied about by everyone for every coaching hire for about 4 years.

When I was having dinner with Coach Gruden at Powerhouse Seafood last night, he told me he was definitely interested in the Arkansas coaching job …:wink: