Coach says Lakeside RB Dunbar is different

I would keep an eye on this young man.

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Good looking Kid!

are there any highlights out there?

In the story.

which is backed up by his highlight video and

I’m sorry RD, thanks

OMGosh, a man amongst boys - we have to get him signed up

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No problem. Easy to overlook.

And yeah we’ve got 3 men among boys already up here that can run the ball pretty well LOL. And we’re getting some beefeaters up front to get in people’s way… Good times ahead!!

It’s the dawning of the Age of Aquavious,


he let’s the sunshine in
another mystic crystal revelation in recruiting

Aquavious will visit Arkansas April 16. He visited Miss St over the weekend. He has a visit to ASU coming up.

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Baylor is starting to show interest.

I think I like the real Lakeside kid that has been compared to McFadden.

Minnesota has reached out.