Coach Sam

He has to be happy tonight. He recruited a lot of those guys and he loves those and they love him. Just thank, Sam could have been there tonight, but he gave that up to come be our coach.

As the game went on. Bama became almost helpless against that Oline coming right after them. I loved seeing that. Hope we can develop that.


I mentioned that to my wife that I bet Sam was hooping and hollering for those Georgia Bulldogs. Glad to see a new NFC and If not Arkansas then Georgia is great. Thrilled to see a new coach win the championship ring. Not this year Saban.

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Bama got Bama’d

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Sam is loved everywhere he goes and it’s mutual. But yea you know he loved watching that GA Oline take over in the second half.
He probably got a phone call or two after the game.


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