Coach Saban is tired of that QB Question!

Except it wasn’t THAT QB question. She asked what he learned about the QBs from that game. That’s perfectly reasonable considering Tua hasn’t played very much in actual games.

For him to act like he should be able to berate reporters for simply doing their job when he gets paid $9 million a year to do his (which includes answering those questions) is absurd.

He’s the one manipulating the backup QB and playing all the cutesy games with the situation but then he thinks it’s OK to act like a man-child when someone asks him about it.

Hey little Nicky Maria
Ought whip your butt

as he should have.

He should of apologized…But if a man had asked the same question would he have?

I didn’t hear the apology, but I’m tired of Nick Saban. He’s incredibly successful, but apparently thinks that gives him special status above everyone else. … s-reporter

No way to know but if it had been a man an apology would have been every bit as warranted.

Yeah, no kidding. Apology would be warranted regardless of the sex or race of the questioner. The guy is mostly a jerk, regardless of whether is just trying to send some silly message to the team with his media responses. Be gracious and dignified. Hell, you’ve won everything there is to win. Act like it.

No coach likes to answer the sideline reporter questions, but considering his big salary is due to the tv money, he needs a little better attitude about it.

I agree he should have been held responsible whether it was a man or woman. Problem is society doesn’t work this way…He treats men like this all the time and he has never apologized. It took going after a woman to highlight his behavior.

If he called and apologized to Taylor then hats off for doing the right thing. I get the frustration. And sometimes leaders need to apologize for being a read end. It happens. It’s overboard on both sides.

He warned the press corps that he was not in a good mood after the game but he played nice in answering questions about the QBs.

I actually saw a few of the sportscasters say they understood his frustration and agreed with him, they just didn’t think he should have said it to Maria. I wonder if it had been Herbstreit interviewing him and it happened if the media would have went off about it.

Quick Saban story that gives an insight to the type of person he is and how the Alabama program handles him. A very good friend of mine was trying to land an IT contract with the Bama Athletic department and was on campus meeting in the Athletic facility offices. The person he was meeting with, an Associate AD, right before they leave the office for a walk around, turns to my friend and says, “If we run into Coach Saban don’t say hello, don’t say anything, and don’t look at him.”

My buddy was floored that he heard that. He was a huge LSU fan and named his German Shepard, “Saban”…before the move to Miami.

That story does indeed say a lot about the man and what it says isn’t good. He’s an arrogant prick who gets away with it because he wins football games. It’s a shame society puts up with it. It’s the same attitude that lets Urban Meyer off with a wrist-slap & protects a child predator for years at Penn St. It protected Rick Pitino. These people feel entitled & we let them get away with it.

Say what you will about Jeff Long, at least when it came to doing the right thing with Bobby Petrino. So did Dave Gearheart.

Arrogance with an entitlement attitude make for a brew that
is bitter and leaves that bad taste for a long, long time.
It seems like attaining wealth and fame often is more
revealing of a person’s character than being reduced to poverty.

This is a true story, repeated often all over Tuscaloosa, not just on campus. Everybody here in town has learned, some the hard way, not to say HI! to Saban regardless–period, period!! Look the other way even if he passes you.

he needs to go to Boxers,his drawers are way to tight and gets his blood pressure up LOL…guy would be impossible to work with,totally understand where he coming from ,as a coach you’re never satisfied but he needs to think before he speaks,as long as he’s been doing this you would think he would have learned that.

Seems we heard similar stories about Petrino. No one wanted to go near his office.