Coach Pittman’s Salary

I just got a copy of the USA Today. The sports section has a column of “Pay For FBS Head Coaches”. They show his salary at 3M. Based on what I see, we certainly got a bargain.


Indeed, suspect he will be getting a raise.


We deserve a bargain after the last two supposed coaches. Sheesh.

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Maybe a bargain for a couple of years. It is fixing to change fast.

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And the truth is— for as much as Sabin is paid at Bama, he’s not paid enough for all the good he has done for Tuscaloosa. The campus is growing by leaps and bounds. So is the surrounding city/county.

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When handing out raises, Muss better be in the short line…

Ridiculously if not embarrassingly low salary.

I understand why we did it with then candidate Sam with no head coaching exp and low point in program history to overcome.

But paying our head coach so little comparatively is not a good national look among big time programs.

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I think Sam is being paid fairly for no prior head coaching experience. I would like to see some top 10-15 recruiting classes before we start handing out more cash. I wanted CSP and I really hope he has great success here. He is way better than Morris and he has us headed in the right direction. Load his contract with incentives. Pay for performance bonuses are the way to go, not bigger salaries.


I tend to think Pittman will get a restructured contract during the offseason. I think the belief is that he would have hit the six-win total under normal circumstances in 2020, which would have triggered a pay raise.

EDIT: I had forgotten Pittman received a contract rollover earlier this year, so I do not think any additional restructuring to make up for 2020 will happen.

I agree w me. Let’s see how end of year plays out and how recruiting goes. This is his first head coaching position. Lost to 2 teams we should have beaten this year

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I think it’s crazy talk to give Sam more money if we limp to a 6-6 finish. Next year is gonna be rough if we lose as much talent as we think we are gonna lose. We need to see Elite recruiting to give us hope the future is gonna be bright. I am all in on Sam but to pay up for mediocrity is not smart in my opinion. Don’t misunderstand me, Sam is light years ahead of Morris and I am happy he is here.

You realize he has wording in his contract that gives him a pay raise if he wins six games, right? Arkansas would not be giving him more money. It would be earned based on the agreement he signed with the university.

I got it Matt but its not deserved. Again, I am all in on Sam but we have to stop paying millions of dollars for subpar performance of our entire football program. Sam has a tough job and I do not envy him at all. If he gets us winning 8-9 games a year on a consistent basis then pay the man. I never thought I would say this but Kentucky and Stoops are a model for patience. I will give Sam time but I vote no on more money regardless of what the contracts say.

Muss has already been given a raise that puts him in the top 10 for NCAA basketball coaches. He’s earning it he doesn’t need more now. $4 million base with incentives of $100k for each NCAA game won . So enough already about paying Muss more. He’s ranks near 7th or 8th in all NCAA coaches salary. If he wins a NCAA championship then you can talk about another raise.

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Yes, Saban has been great for Tuscaloosa. I also submit that the University’s sports program has greatly benefited Fayetteville and the surrounding cities. Fayetteville now is the second largest city in Arkansas and the University has experienced continued growth……not to mention it’s a great area to live…my wife and I almost retired up there.

Musselman’s $100,000 raises are for each season with an NCAA Tournament appearance, not each NCAA Tournament win.

What is Texas paying Sarkisian? It’s less than $4 mill isn’t it?

If Sam wins, Hunter will take care of him. Hunter has to pay for improvements to the stadium and he needs people in stands which winning will solve both of their mutual needs.

Therefore, if he wins, NWA wins, and this means he has earned his pay and more. If he continues to win, raise it some more–according to the growth of the University and area.

Thanks Matt for clarifying Muss contract incentives. With his raise he’s in the top 10 salaries for a D1 basketball coach currently. He’s being well paid