Coach Pittman post game

Just watched Sam’s post game talk to the team on Hogs+. The first player he recognized was Mbake for taking care of the gunner on the punt return. Sam said I told you (to Mbake) that if you took care of the gunner we’d run it back. And by golly you took care of him. The team gave Mbake a big hand. Then he recognized Stephen’s for his great run. Lots of applause and love from the team. He talked about the sacks and recognized some of those guys too. He kept his remarks positive and said we’re 3-0 so enjoy that. Then said we’ll talk soon about the improvements we need to make. Sam has terrific leadership skills. The kids respond to him. You sensed the team appreciating him calling out the block on the punt return. I know I did.


LaDarrius Bishop didn’t play Saturday. Think he recognized Sam Mbake, the freshman receiver who made a block on the punt return. Sam praised him when he spoke with us, too.


Thanks Scottie. Bishop is the only #11 listed on the Hog roster. I corrected my original post. Sam just said #11 stand up and then he praised him.

No big deal. On Saturday, Mbake changed from 17 to 11. I saw him take the field once and thought it was Bishop at first.

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I just went and watched it. The man is a master. He did not have to tell the players they did not play like an SEC team should or scream and all of that. He found the good things and highlighted those. He gave them a good taste. It is much easier to correct problems when there is a good taste.

Now how do you correct one of the least effective back end defenses in the country (check the numbers on that) when the guys have not seemed to grasp the concept that a guy with a different color shirt should not be allowed to run around back there with no one on him? Perhaps explain color differences? I don’t konw, but it sure seems to happen a lot. Still Sam was positive with his players and that should help.


I think you can correct the back end problems by adding ones from this board that have verbal solutions but unable to add any physical ability to the equation…IMHO.


Perhaps that would work, but I thought we were all just great coaches in all sports who if only the dumb real coaches would listen to us, no game would ever be lost!

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I do not know about that. We on this board would have caused us to lose more than win.

He’s got a really unique genuineness to him that makes simple truths sound powerful. That’s about the best way I know to describe the man.


Defensive backfield - yada, yada, yada… Facts - we lost our best defender (Sanders may prove that wrong) in Jalen Catalon. We lost our only pre season 1st team All American. We lost the only pre-season #1 draft pick on the team. Not only did we lose Catalon, but we lost the 2nd best DB on the team in Slusher.

Sam has done a great job righting this football ship, but we are not yet blessed with depth that can just step in and cover for your best 2 DBs. IF, big if, Slusher is 100% healthy for A&M, you will see a big improvement. Catalon is as big a loss for this defense as Burks would have been last season for the offense. The DBs who are on the field are playing hard and doing the best they can. Cut them a little slack. They had a HUGE loss in personnel to start the season. Remember, we are still 3-0 and 10th ranked in the country.

IMO, we beat A&M with the team we’ve fielded through the first 3 games. A&M is offensively inept and poorly coached.


While they are yet to do so, A and M has the receivers to light us up like a Christmas tree in a break out offensive game if we are not careful.

If we are going to start covering and tackling well on the back of the defense, I hope we make vast improvement this week.

Fortunately, we have much better depth on the defensive line than we have had for years and true SEC quality linebackers to keep quarterbacks from getting too comfy in the pocket. This is a situation we haven’t seen in years and mitigates the problems in the defensive backfield. Granted, those problems are real, but the effects would be much worse if other levels of the defense had not been shored up.